Strange horror

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As a blind man, his fear is naturally greater than that of ordinary people. Even if you want to go out and see, you can't see it. But their hearing was so keen that it was terrible, and he distinguished the sound carefully, as if it were. The sound of clothes or pieces of cloth being dragged across the floor. That is to say. There's definitely someone out there! "Who.." Who is it? He shouted for courage, but. The voice suddenly stopped, and then he felt. The voice changed direction and was heading for the bedroom where he was! "No.." Don't come in! Don't come in! However, the sound did not stop at all, but moved faster. "Whoa, whoa, whoa." Pang Tie, who lived on the 12th floor, was shocked by the screams coming from hell. He hurried out of the door and locked it. He hurried down the stairs to the 11th floor below. He clearly remembered that the blind man lived on the 11th floor. At this time, Ming Yishui felt that the thing had entered the room! Then Pang Tie's voice came from outside: "Mr. Ming, are you there?" Hearing the sound, Ming Yishui felt relieved and shouted at the top of his voice: "I'm here, come and save me!" After Pang Tie ran into the bedroom, he came over and said to Ming Yishui, "Are you all right, Mr. Ming?"? Was that you screaming just now? "Well.." Yes, "Ming Yishui finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then cried and said:" Someone … … Someone came in here just now. Someone came in just now. "What's going on?"? Please make it clear! Then after listening to Ming Yishui's description, he said, "That.." Why don't you come and stay at my house? You can't see. It's not convenient to live alone. I'm single anyway. It's good to have one more person to take care of me. "That.." That's fantastic Ming Yishui said with relief: "But … …" Won't it be too much trouble? "No,tin beneficiation plant, you are too polite. We are all neighbors, and we are involved in this strange place. It is right to take care of each other." At the same time, when the dark drives the fierce blade in his hand, the split pupil of the mirror is also released in an instant. A long blade, also blood-red, appeared in his hand, and like the dark, it was a ghost blade. Can you use this ghost knife, too? Run dark seems a little surprised, the length of Mujing's knife is about the same as his own, which is also about one meter. And before he could react, Mujing's knife had already withstood the dark one. If you want to improve your ability, actual combat is the best way. I declare that I will not show mercy, gold cil machine ,Carbon in Pulp, and you'd better be prepared! Then, in Mu Jing's body, many ferocious foggy heads began to emerge, and suddenly the square was filled with heart-rending roars like hell. A dishevelled female head opened its big mouth and bit the dark shoulder, and then his throat was tightly strangled by something invisible! Run dark know is the ghost of the other side of the mirror launched an attack, he is not to be outdone, waving the ghost blade, a skeleton bigger than his body instantly emerged behind him, straight to the mirror! "Stop it!" Jing suddenly gave the order, and all the ghosts around them disappeared without a trace. Mu Jing stopped because Ah Jing was the daughter of her benefactor, and Run Dark stopped because he was really afraid of Ah Jing. Do you think this is Xuanhuan Xiuzhen? And swordsmanship? Who are our enemies? It is those ghosts and evil spirits who can't be seen or touched and want to take our lives at any time! No matter how sharp the sword is, can it kill them? What you need to do now is how to improve the ability of ghosts, not the sword! In the apartment in another dimension, Pang Tie was about to leave with Ming Yishui when suddenly Ming Yishui thought of something and asked, "Just now.." I thought I heard something outside. Mr. Pang, did you see anyone when you came in? No, you were alone when I came in. Strangely, the outside door was not locked.
” "Pang.." Mr. Pang.. "What's the matter?" "You really.." Didn't you see anyone? The air seemed to freeze, and at that moment, Ming Yishui suddenly said, "No." Someone's been in here, someone's definitely been in here. But why did you lie? And I locked the door! But he was answered by a sneer, and then he heard the answer. Because the man who came in.. That's me! In fact, Pang Tie never left his room at all. He wanted to save Ming Yishui, but when he got to the door. The door to the outside suddenly closed heavily, and then Pang Tie's eyes looked straight at the door, and he could not imagine the scene in front of him. Sitting in the doorway was a man with white eyes. It was Wu Longfei! "No.." It's impossible. Pang Tie retreated involuntarily. And at this time, Wu Longfei's body completely fell down, then, his head and neck were completely separated, rolled down to Pang Tie's feet, blood spilled all over the floor! Pang Tiegang produced a premonition of uneasiness, suddenly on the ground, suddenly appeared a bright red footprint! This is Who stepped on the footprints left on the blood! As soon as he realized it, a second footprint was produced! Then the footprints approached him step by step! Pang Tie, who had the courage to look at the footprints again, rushed into the bedroom and locked the door tightly. However, when Pang Tie was ready to hold the door with his body desperately, he saw the scattered quilt on his bed. It's actually bulging! It looks like.. It's like there's a person inside! At the same time, he felt something hitting the door hard! From the bulging quilt,portable gold wash plant, he quickly stretched out two pale hands! Pang Tie couldn't bear it any longer. He noticed that the bedroom was connected to the balcony outside. He decided to put all his eggs in one basket. He gritted his teeth and stepped on the guardrail of the balcony and climbed up. Ah A pair of cold hands grabbed his ankles! He looked down, and a figure was hanging in midair by his feet! "Put.." Let go, let go! Please let go! 。


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